Ubet95 is a well-known online bookmaker in the Philippines

Ubet95 casino is proud to be the leading and reputable address in the Philippines betting industry, creating an unparalleled betting experience. Ubet95 is becoming the second destination in the world of online entertainment for thousands of players.

Discover betting halls at Ubet95

As mentioned above, we currently offer entertainment through 8 different betting halls, each with its own special features.


Slot are currently the most popular game type at Ubet95. Now you can freely participate in any bonus slot games at Ubet95 and win huge bonuses for yourself.


If you both want to experience entertainment and receive huge bonuses, Ubet95 Fishing is definitely the game for you. These are the most popular games at bookmaker Ubet95 so far.


Live casino is a place that brings classy casino entertainment under the support of hot dealers. Live casino at Ubet95 has 13 game halls for you to choose from including: via casino, sexy, dream gaming, wm, ag gaming, ezugi…

Each lobby will have different characteristics in terms of background and dealer nationality but all offer classic games such as coin toss, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and dragon tiger.


Cockfighting is offering 3 betting halls: ODIN GAMECOCK, RCB and SV388. These are all the biggest tournaments in the world, with thousands of different matches taking place every day. You can participate in watching live and betting on your favorite matches. In addition, players can also watch live cockfighting Thomo, live cockfighting in Cambodia and the Philippines. Popular cockfighting genres such as: Knife spur cockfighting, Iron spur cockfighting will definitely add to the drama for viewers watching live here.

Card game

Card game offers 12 options including Evoplay, V9 poker, Rich88, 365 Games, Playtech… You can access Poker mind games, Tien Len card games, baccarat, blackjack, uno, Mau Binh, phom, black jack, gray card game, poker, 9-card phom. There are also many tutorial articles on how to play cards for beginners and always win when playing card games. The card game interface is also designed to be vivid and intuitive, with a new and comfortable online chat space for players to exchange and learn.


Bingo succeeds in combining traditional and modern Bingo through Game Play, GM, Yes Bingo. You can choose to buy 3 Bingo numbers in the North, Central, and South and wait for the results after 5:30 p.m. If you want to quickly and receive more rewards, choose the super-speed Bingo types, xsmn, xsmb, xsmt, vietlott… In addition, here we also provide everyone with information about the results of xsmn, xsmb, xsmt and popular Bingo types in the last 30 days.

Features of Ubet95

Excellent interface

The interface design is simple, beautiful and easy to operate.

Multiple promotions

Ubet95 has many attractive promotions, both for new members and old members.


All Ubet95 member data has passed Go Trust encryption certification, and we will not disclose data to any third party.

Ubet95 newly registered users receive bonuses.

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