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The 100 Club Series - Subscription "Limited edition 7"

Released on 1st July 2013

The Subscription copies have now all SOLD OUT. Please keep an eye out for individual copies of each 7" going up for sale in the next few weeks.

The 100 Club series will be a rolling series of white label 7" singles.

The first single will be out in the summer of 2013.

You can subscribe to the first 5 singles for just £22.50 (plus postage). Only 50 of these 7” singles will be available for subscription. The subscribers will get extra goodies which we are dreaming up. The remaining 50 copies (of each individual single) will be available to buy for £5 each (plus postage.)

The first bands announced for the seires are FlowersFever DreamGum and Martha.

CLUB001: Flowers are the latest indiepop sensastions to emerge from London. They’ve got their debut 7” coming out on Cloudberry Records and Fortuna POP! has already snapped them up in the UK. So we’re delighted they are doing this exclusive 100 Club single for Odd Box. We first encountered them back in the summer of 2012 and they’ve toured Europe with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. They played a show for us back in September and they blew everyone away (it was the 2nd ever live show, too!).

CLUB002: Fever Dream is a trio from East London. Their debut EP was released on Under Used Records last year. They make blissed out guitar pop – which walks the line between shoegaze and post-punk. They will be recording exclusive songs for their 7” in the coming weeks. They’ve played a fair few times for Odd Box and we’re stoked that they’re going to be part of the 100 Club Series.

CLUB003: Gum blur the lines between noisepop and shoegaze. This four piece band (2 women, 2 men) are white hot live and they released a brilliant EP (Seventeen) on Tiny Lights last year. They're promising new recordings for the 100 Club. We can not wait to what they come up with.

CLUB004: Martha come from Pity Me, Durham. They've already released one fabulous EP. The cassette came out on Odd Box. They write catchy pop songs. They are bloody brilliant. They will have 2 new songs for the 100 Club. 

CLUB005: Cars Can Be Blue. Becky and Nate combine bubblegum pop, naughty humour and punk rockin' attitude. They recorded one of my favourite songs of all time. They've released stuff on Happy Happy Birthday To Me. They from Athens, Georgia in the USA.

Once the first 5 singles are done and dusted - the series will continue with the opportunity to resubscribe offered to those who subscribed to the first batch of records before being offered to new subscribers.


CLUB001 - Flowers
CLUB002 - Fever Dream
CLUB003 - Gum
CLUB004 - Martha
CLUB005 - Cars Can Be Blue