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Singles Club 2013: Crackle! Fuzz! Pop!
Wednesday 12th September 2012: Singles Club 2013: Crackle! Fuzz! Pop!
Wednesday 12th September 2012

Yes, that's right. The singles club is BACK

Crackle! Fuzz! Pop! 

This time it's coming out on CD.
There will be 8 EPs released over the course of 2013.
There should be 3 songs on each EP.
There will be 89 subscriptions available.
They will cost £24 (plus postage)  for the whole lot.

Crackle! Fuzz! Pop! 

Ace Bushy Striptease
Odd Box stalwarts are recording 3 special songs for inclusion on the singles club! Started five years ago as a distraction from the final year of university, they have grown up slightly over time from a wide-eyed mess into the semi-coherent, rough and tumble cuddlecore behemoth that is shambling round the country currently.
City Yelps
With just one video on line (watch it, linked above) City Yelps are gaining something of a reputation as the best new thing to come out of Leeds in a long long time. They may contain an ex-Real Loser and a current Downdime. They've gained comparisons to early Pastels, Prolapse, Swell Maps and The Television Personalities. Yep. They're that good.
Good Grief
From Liverpool, England. Pop punk of the highest order. They have three demos streaming over on bandcamp. There will be new songs on the Singles Club EP.
Humousexaul are Victor and Boitel. From South London and Berlin. They have recorded sporadically for years and play occasional live shows. They're one of the most vital bands of current times.
Noun Verb Adjective
A mysterious new band. Very little information online about them - save these wonderful songs on Soundcloud. We're super excited to hear what they come up with for the singles club.
Year of Birds
With a number of super limited tape, CDr and vinyl releases under their belt on labels like Ack! Ack! Ack!, OneC records and Art Is Hard. Year of Birds are from Middlesborough in the North East of England. Making pop music to disturb you. Dirty guitars, menacing voices that straddles the divide between pop and noise rock.
Yucky Slime
Described as a fun-as-fuck punx. Yucky Slime are London noiseniks with a fistful of demos online that kill hard. Could they be the ultimate bedroom garage pop band? Somehow tied up with the Reeks of Effort collective.

With one more band to be announced.....

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