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New York Popfest: Neverever

In the helter skelter world of indiepop you’ve got to be paying attention or you might just miss something important.  And it seems I wasn’t 100% on the ball.  Why?   Read on:

Last year, one of my favourite records was a 7″ called ‘Blue Genes’ on Slumberland by a band called The Champagne Socialists – I even gave the 7″ a glowing review on this here blog.   So I was little surprised to hear Neverever when doing the weekend dig on My Space as they’re a band I’ve not heard of and they’re playing New York Popfest.   It fast becomes apparent that Neverever are The Champagne Socialists, renamed.   This is exciting news beecause I really want to see this band and now due to the magic of Popfest I will.

As I’ve stated before the band are magic blend of indiepop, classic 50s/60s pop,  TVP’s and that ever so now Brooklyn sound.  I like it and  I want more.   And soon I will get to see whether they are as exhilarating live as they’re recorded songs suggest.

And if you want a sure fire way to hear a whole host of New York Popfest bands their blog has put together a little popfest mix, featuring 17 songs by bands that will be playing the popfest.

Links: New York Popfest | Neverever

The Champagne Socialists – Blue Genes

Slumberland Records have gone and done it again – they’ve found another addictive 7″ single to set off fireworks in your head. Available as 7″ and download ‘Blues Genes’ is a cracking debut single from The Champagne Socialists.   The band were formed by Jihae from The Royal We and Wallace from Bricolage.

This is infectious echo drenched indiepop.   Easily one of the best releases I have had the joy of hearing lately.  There is something of the Television Personalities about the way both ‘Blue Genes’ and ‘Young Runaways’ take the urgency associated with punk songs and channel them into something approaching genius.  Yes!  I really am loving these two songs.    If you want a few modern reference points – try a more cheery Crystal Stilts or a slightly more produced Knight School.

If those two songs weren’t enough, the band, have two more 50’s meets 60’s gems nestled on their My Space – ‘Down There’ and ‘Teardrop Tattoo’.  Let’s hope the band have even more songs of this calibre in their locker.

Link:  Slumberland RecordsThe Champagne Socialists