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Male Bonding/Cold Pumas Split 7″

Faux Discx is a new label on me.   And this 7″ featuring Male Bonding and Cold Pumas is a pretty fine introduction to the label.   Male Bonding are a London band.  They’re also pretty amazing.   Loud, yet tuneful.   Rawkus but somehow, still pop.   ‘Stare At My Problems’ is one of those songs.   Those songs being the ones that you play over and over and over again and it feels like you will never tire of hearing it’s infectious lo-fi guitar rattle.    Cold Pumas are a new band to me.  They’re from Brighton.   They are also another blast of guitar fun.   A repetitive riff and some fairly in your face drumming kick off  ‘Altered Yeast’ – this is nearly an instrumental – the vocals come from the buried so deep as to not be there mix.  Did I imagine them?  The guitar is the king here and it chimes above the noise underneath.   I think I like it.  More listens will decide how much,  I guess.

Links:  Faux Discx | Male Bonding | Cold Pumas

Male Bonding/Eat Skull split 7″ single

A few weeks ago I found myself in Nottingham for Weirdaplooza.   It wasn’t that weird.  It was 7 or 8 band showcase with a heavy leaning on that Garage rock sound.   The Strange Boys headlined.   The Hipshakes also shook their considerable thing.   But the band that really got me, was Male Bonding.  I’d already heard them via their split 7″ with Pens (which is now sold out).   So I was kinda secretly hoping they’d be fab but not wanting to build them up to much in my mind in case they let me down.   They didn’t.  I loved them.   So much so, I picked up their latest 7″ on Tough Love Records.   Another split effort, this time, with Eat Skull on the other side.   The Male Bonding side is called ‘Year’s Not Long’ and it’s a frenetic slash of dizzying guitars.  Lots of thumbs up from me.  They’ve got another split 7″ coming out soon with Cold Pumas.

The Eat Skull side of this record was a pleasant surprise as well. ‘Heavens Stranger’ is rhythmic blast of guitar fun.  Not unlike Male Bonding but just a little less raucous.  From Portland, Oregon in the USA.   Another new band to investigate.   Another pound or five to spend.

Links:  Male Bonding | Eat Skull | Tough Love Records