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Ty Segall – Full Length

This is a cassette only release.  I bought it, because I wanted to hear the songs.   But I was never a fan of cassettes.   It seems the 10 years I’ve been cassette free haven’t altered the fact.   After getting the dusty, but decent, ‘ghettoblaster’ down from the loft – the tape plays fine enough.  I dunno.    So no rose tinted specs here for a format I never really loved.

But the format does come second to the music and ‘Full Length’ is a fine LP.   Ty Segall kicks garage rock riffs, lo-fi squeals of feedback and general sonic mayhem out of the speakers on ‘Full Length’.   I confess to not knowing much about Ty Segall.  But knowing so much doesn’t really matter when you crank up the volume on songs like the punk-tastic  ‘The Drag’ or the swampy blues of ‘Watching You’.   Elsewhere 60’s stomps meets 50’s rockers with a punk rock twist.    The production on ‘Full Length’ is lo-fi but it does sound good for it.  After a few plays of the cassette I am all set to try and connect said ‘ghetto blaster’ to my PC so I can get this LP down on mp3 and CD – so I can play it on my chosen formats a little more easily.   It’s worth the faff, it seems.

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Schatzi and Hazeltine – Happy Birthday Baby

Schatzi and Hazeltine sound like a low budget Ronettes on the A side of their single ‘Happy Birthday Baby’.   It’s  wonderful but  there is no getting away from  the spector (excuse the pun) of  The Ronettes.

Imagine if the wall of sound was recorded cheaply in a garage.   Imagine if the 60’s didn’t turn to shit. Imagine Altered Images as a bedroom pop band obsessed with The Ronettes.   And Phil Spector.  I am fairly sure this is what Schatzi and Hazeltine have been obsessing about when they dreamed up their pop sound.  This is pop music to enthral you.   The B side ‘When Yr Alone’  is just as good as the lead song.  If anything a little more Clare Grogan and a little less Ronettes.  But still beautiful pop music.  And as we all know pop music is about falling in love.   Pop music is about becoming obsessed.   Pop music is about 7″ records.  I could easily become obsessed with a band like Schatzi and Hazeltine and records just like this one.

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