Allo, Darlin’ – Henry Rollins Don’t Dance

The weePOP! record label has built up a mighty fine reputation with a host of top draw releases (most of which came on cutesy 3″ CDs with handcrafted sleeves) over the last two years.  And to celebrate their 2nd anniversary the label have released their finest moment to date.   POP!035 is a lovely 7″ record by Allo, Darlin’.

Allo, Darlin’ is the name taken by Elizabeth Morris and a loose collections of friends. There has been a fluid trickle of members that have played at her live shows and this release even features the trumpet skills of Mr Terry Edwards (if you don’t know who he is, head to google and go find yourself a whole new world to immerse yourself in!).  Back to Allo, Darlin’ – the A side, the wonderfully titled ‘Henry Rollins Don’t Dance’ is a lovely song that showcases Elizabeth’s gorgeous vocals.  A tale of love where the girl is sad to find that her punk boyfriend don’t dance, even though she thinks they’re playing out the roles from Greece!   This song won me over many moons ago at live shows.  I am happy to report that the 7″ does the song justice.

The B side is made up of two more quirky pop songs that show case Elizabeths honey rich vocal tones and also her cracking way with words. ‘Dear Stephen Hawking’ is a galloping pop song with the cracking line ‘Can you calculate love at first sight’.  It makes me smile and we all know smiling is good.  ‘Heartbeat Chilli’ is a Ukelele lead love song that reappropriates the Johnny Cash line  ‘I Keep a close watch on the this heart of mine’ to great effect.

This 7″ is out now and can be bought via the weePOP! link down below.  And if you don’t have a turntable, the label will furnish you with free MP3’s of the songs once you’ve bought the record.

Links:  Allo, Darlin’ | weePOP! Records

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